R1608XX Series


R1608 is a new product, which is suitable for the marketing requirements of high intensity, high quality, good heat-sink and low decay. It can be used for LED display, LED dot matrix, digital clock and LED backlight.


  • High intensity, specially for application of digital clock.
  • High efficiency, which is good for both indicator and lighting applications.
  • Different colors available.
  • Long time work with low decay.
Part No. Emitting Color Lens Color Luminous Intensity (mcd/lm) Wavelength λd (nm/x, y) Forward Voltage (V)

Viewing Angle


Test Condition
R1608VC-1B Super Bright Red Water Clear 150-300 624 1.60-2.40 120 IF=20mA
R1608AC-1B Super Bright Orange Water Clear 100-200 605 1.60-2.40 120 IF=20mA
R1608YC-1B Super Bright Yellow Water Clear 150-300 590 1.60-2.40 120 IF=20mA
R1608GC-1B Yellow Green Water Clear 20-80 573 1.60-2.40 120 IF=20mA
R1608PGC-G5-1B Pure Green Water Clear 1000-2200 525 2.80-3.60 120 IF=20mA
R1608BC-B4-1B Blue Water Clear 200-400 465 2.80-3.60 120 IF=20mA
R1608W-W2-1B Cool White Yellow Diffused


0.27, 0.28 2.80-3.60 120 IF=20mA