LED Display/Dot Matrix

A dot matrix LED is a display device used to display information on machines, stock market, stadiums, bank, train and bus station display panels and many other devices requiring a simple display device of limited resolution.

The display consists of a dot matrix of lights or mechanical indicators arranged in a rectangular configuration such that by switching on or off selected lights, text or graphics can be displayed. A dot matrix controller converts instructions from a processor into signals which turns on or off lights in the matrix so that the required display is produced.

Dot matrix LED Displays are offered in a variety of array configuration packages such as 5*7, 5*8, 8*8, 16*16 and 32*16 options, and color choices include green, red, yellow, white, blue, orange, Bi-Color and RGB.

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[PDF] KWM-44571AWB

  1. 3.5mm*3.5mm Matrix height   
  2. 5 × 7 dot matrix font     
  3. Low power consumption   
  4. Categorized for luminous intensity  
  5. Choice of colors: Red or Green, etc
  6. Choice of face paint colors: Gray or black  
  7. Design flexibility: Common row anode or common row cathode 
  8. RoHS Compliant

  • Indoor monochromatic display applications, used in variable message signs and static massage panels
  • Airport, train and bus station display panels 
  • Electronic message centers---Stock market, department stores, stadiums, banks and cafes   
  • Safety Signage---Factories and Hospitals  
Emitting Color
Face Color Black
Dot Size(mm) 3.5*3.5
Polarity Row Anode
Luminous IntensityTyp.(mcd) 135.0
Array Type 5*7

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