Grandly congratulations to Luckylight to gain the reputation of Honesty enterprise

Honesty isn't only the root foundation to develop an enterprise, but also is the most essential core to make it toward steady &healthy management.

June 1st 2019, Luckylight Electronics Co., Ltd is gained the honor of "Guangdong Province An enterprise that abides by contracts and honors its credit" by Dongguan Market Supervision Bureau. Getting this reputation is quite important for Luckylight ElectronicsCo., Ltd to enhance the market competition and promote the company's image.

Luckylight Electronics Co., Ltd has always adhered to the concept of good faith service since its establishment. At the same time, we adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, to ensure that "abides by contracts and honors its credit" into everyemployee’s hearts; Anymore, we adhere to the integrity to win the trust of customers, credibility and quality to win the development of the market.

Honesty is the cornerstone of enterprise development and the intangible assets of enterprises. With the rapid development of market economy, honesty management is becoming the most important part for enterprise to develop. The honor reflects that the company has good business efficiency and credit condition, perfect contract management system and contract management system. The award of "Guangdong Province abide by contract and credit enterprise" in 2018 is not only enhance our social reputation, but also further enhance our brand image. This integrity culture will be deeply implanted in the soil of our brand culture construction.