LED Display/LED Dot Matrix

KWM-50887CRGBT is an 8x8 RGB LED dot matrix with a dimension of 60.5mm x 60.5mm and a character height of 2.3 inches. Utilizing industry-standard size and pin arrangement, the KWM-50887CRGBT is an 8x8 RGB LED dot matrix with a common cathode in each row. The body color of the LED dot matrix is black, providing excellent contrast when the 8x8 RGB LED dot matrix is assembled into a panel to display various letters, numeric characters, and simple graphics. It displays characters, numbers, or graphics by illuminating different pixels or dots on the driven LED matrix. Those cool and eye-catching advertising signs you often see are typically made by assembling this LED dot matrix display.

KWM-50887CRGBT is an optimized and improved LED dot matrix from Luckylight, whose earlier version part number is CILE 2088RGB-5. This 2.3-inch RGB 8x8 RGB LED dot matrix has better light emission and more stable performance than the earlier version CILE 2088RGB-5.

KWM-50887ARGB is fully compatible with Arduino or Adafruit development boards, allowing you to create your own Snake game.


  • 2.3-inch matrix height
  • Dot size 5.0mm
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • A wide range of single LED colors is available
  • X-Y stackable
  • Easy mounting on PCB or sockets
  • I.C. compatible
  • RoHS compliant

  • Home and smart appliances
  • Display time and digital combination
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Industrial and instrumental applications
  • Large Panel Indicators
  • Information displays
  • Control units
Emitting Color
  • Red
  • Pure Green
  • Blue
Face Color Black
(length × width × height)
60.5 × 60.5 × 9.2
Dot Size(mm) Φ5.0
Polarity Row Cathode
Luminous IntensityTyp.(mcd) 50.0 & 160.0 & 46.0
621 & 521 & 466
Array Type 8 × 8

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