LED Display/SMD 7-segment Display

Luckylight offers a full range of surface mount 7-segment displays ranging from standard brightness displays to ultra bright displays. Single Digit, Dual Digit, Three Digit and Four displays are available in assorted character heights and colors. Compared with through-hole 7-segment displays, the surface mount 7-segment displays feature lower power requirements, high light output, less space and more design flexibility.

Luckylight’s SMD 7-segment LED displays are used in a wide variety of end products including test and measurement equipment, point-of-sale terminals, telecom systems, office equipment, consumer electronics, and medical equipment. Size options include 5.08mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14.2mm, 20.32mm and 25.4mm, and color choices include green, red, yellow, white, blue and orange.

The highly integrated customization capability of Luckylight SMD 7-segment displays also enables the products to fit well to specific customer design needs, making the products unique to the customers’ applications.

Luckylight offers many kinds of SMD 7-segment LED displays which are categorized by Digit Number, Polarity, Face Color and Emitting Color. The parametric filters (▽) on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.


  • 0.28inch (7.00mm) digit height  
  • The thickness is thinness than tradition display   
  • Packaged in tape and reel for SMT manufacturing  
  • Low current operation  
  • Excellent characters appearance  
  • Categorized for luminous intensity   
  • Available in CA and CC   
  • The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version

  • Home appliances   
  • Game machine     
  • Instrument panels   
  • Digital readout displays
Emitting Color
Face Color Gray
Digit Height 7mm (0.28")
Polarity Common Anode
Luminous IntensityTyp.(mcd) 16.0
Digit Number Three Digit

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