Single color PLCC LEDs are offered in a variety of packages such as PLCC-2, PLCC-4, PLCC-6 and Side View Type options, and color choices includes green, red, yellow, white, blue and orange.

Single color PLCC LEDs series is perfectly suited for a variety of cross-industrial applications due to its small package outline, durability and superior brightness. Its versatility and reliability make it a preferred choice for automotive interior lighting specifically as instrumentation panel, central console and cabin backlighting. Besides, it effectively combines performance and innovation, making it a perfect choice for office automation, home applications, various decorations lighting, commercial lighting and industrial equipment application.

These series of products are encapsulated in silicon to increase their tolerance of environmentally hostile applications. Several Flux choices are available in each color for increasing design flexibility.

[PDF] R3528VC-2B

  • Industry standard PLCC-2 package
  • High reliability LED Package
  • Inter reflector
  • Available in full selection of colors
  • Suitable for automatic placement equipment
  • Suitable for vapor-phase reflow, Infrared reflow and wave solder processes
  • Available on tape and reel (8mm Tape)
  • The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version

  • Interior automotive
  • Instrument panel backlighting
  • Central console backlighting
  • Switch push button backlighting
  • Electronic signs and signals
  • Interior full color sign
  • Variable message sign
  • Office automation,home appliances,industrial equipment
  • Front panel backlighting
  • Push button backlighting
  • Display backlighting
  • Light pipe application
Wavelength λd(nm) 624
Emitting Color
Super Bright Red
Resin Color Water Clear
Size(mm) (L*W*H) 3.50*2.80*1.90
Luminous IntensityTyp.(mcd) 250
Viewing Angle 2 θ ½ 120