Through-hole LED/Oval LED

The oval LED is specifically designed for full-color video screens, variable message sign and billboards. The oval-shaped radiation pattern provides a wider field of view with higher luminosity than standard LEDs, making the devices ideal for outdoor applications where readability in sunlight is essential.

These oval LEDs are made with an advanced optical-grade epoxy that offers superior high-temperature and high-moisture-resistance performance in outdoor signal and sign applications. The encapsulation resin contains anti-UV material in order to reduce the affects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight.

Through hole oval LEDs are offered in 4mm and 5mm packages, and color choices include green, red, yellow, white, blue and orange.

[PDF] 434VD2Q-4C-T

  • Low power consumption
  • Bulk, Available on tape and reel
  • High Brightness Material
  • Superior Resistance to Moisture
  • Tinted and Diffused
  • Compliance with EU REACH
  • The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version

  • Billboard signs
  • Full color signs
  • Circuit board
  • Commercial use
Wavelength λd(nm) 624
Emitting Color
Super Bright Red
Resin Color Red Diffused
Size(mm) 3.9 × 3.2
Luminous Intensity Typ.(mcd) 1300
Viewing Angle 2 θ ½ 110|40

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