Luckylight offers an extensive range of high quality Right Angle SMD LEDs which are small in size, high efficiency and low power consumption. Designed to illuminate at a right angle to the direction of mounting, when mounted on a PC board, these devices emit light in a direction parallel to the board.

Right Angle SMD LEDs products are divided into Chip LEDs (PCB) and PLCC LEDs (reflector) configurations. Colors are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red and white. These devices are packaged in automation-friendly tape and reel to increase productivity and reduce assembly cost.

Right Angle SMD chip LED products come in a small package footprint. Its small form factor allows flexible board design, and the LED can be closely mounted, offering maximum miniaturization benefits to the user. The low packages height makes it an ideal solution for applications that have limited head room, such as wearables and small, portable handheld devices. By utilizing efficient and high brightness AlInGaP materials, the products are capable of delivering high light output.

Right Angle SMD PLCC LED products are a side emitting, surface mount LED. These profiles allow effective optical coupling to light guides for applications such as LCD and push button backlighting, which requires high brightness and uniform light distribution. Right Angle SMD PLCC LED products use silicone encapsulate which significantly enhances its longer lifetime performance.

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Resin Color Size(mm)


Viewing Angle
2 θ ½

V335xx Series V335V-4R
Super Bright Red
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 500 624 120 Download
V335xx Series V335A-2R
Super Bright Orange
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 250 605 120 Download
V335xx Series V335Y-4R
Super Bright Yellow
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 550 590 120 Download
V335xx Series V335G-2R
Yellow Green
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 70 571 120 Download
V335xx Series V335PG-1R5
Pure Green
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 1300 525 120 Download
V335xx Series V335B-1R4
Water Clear 4.00*0.80*1.40 300 470 120 Download
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